Conditions and privacy

General conditions

Houseportrait is a label of the brand 'Cornelis Bos'.

Dutch law applies to every order and contract.

  • Chamber of commerce Netherlands: 34377329
  • VAT: NL001152630B68

Validity gift certificates

Gift certificates are valid for a maximum of 3 years. They can only be used to order at the webshop Houseportrait. They cannot be exchanged for money in any form.


The specified term is always an indication. Cornelis Bos will do his utmost to meet the communicated term. If there is an unexpected excessive delay, customers will receive a message. Client and Cornelis Bos will seek for a solution suitable for both.

Force majeure

Cornelis Bos personally draws every portrait. This means that in case of force majeure: like sickness, strike of transport or any other kind. Cornelis will be entitled to postpone or cancel a delivery.


Delivery will take place using a postal-service. The choice of service will be to Cornelis Bos. Any possible postage costs will be charged during the order process. Possible additional customs costs are for the account of the customer.


Complaints about the purchased items should be reported on time to Cornelis Bos. The meaning of 'on time' is within 1 month. If you're late reporting your complaint, you'll lose your rights. Your complaint can be emailed to

Return custom orders

Custom orders cannot be returned. This according to Dutch law.

Return artprint building

If your print is not customised it can be returned. Please sent an email to to register your return, please mention your reason. You'll receive an email with address for return. Please note: shipping costs will not be returned.


Cornelis Bos only uses personal data to process orders. Herefore your data will be stored in our database. On special request we can show you the data and/or delete them.

Concerning portraits of houses, buildings, offices etc. Cornelis Bos will keep the right to use images of the proces and/or endresult for promotion of Huisportet. If you have any objection to this, please mention us during your order.